Table Tennis England takes its responsibility as the National Governing Body for Table Tennis in England very seriously, particularly where the welfare of young people and vulnerable adults are concerned.

In order to ensure that all of our young people and vulnerable adults are able to enjoy our sport free from abuse, bullying or exploitation, Table Tennis England has put in place a series of policies and guidelines which we ask all of the table tennis family to adopt and follow to protect and promote their welfare.

In case of concern, please ring our Child Protection Helpline number on 07507 860034

The policies and guidelines are reviewed on an annual basis and the latest issues are numbered and dated so that anyone viewing them can be sure they are looking at the up-to-date versions. However, should new legislation or advice be received during the interim they will be added to this section and then incorporated as appropriate at the next review.

When writing these documents Table Tennis England take advice from the NSPCC, CPSU (Child Protection in Sport Unit), and produce documents that are also in line with Government guidance and legislation.

The Safeguarding Guidelines have been split into easily downloadable sections – please note that any of these documents are available in alternative formats on request.