Young Ambassadors

Table Tennis England Young Ambassadors are a group of 14 to 21 year olds who have been brought together to represent the views of young people and help shape the world of table tennis.

Meeting three times a year they will be involved a number of exciting projects helping Table Tennis England deliver its Children and Young People strategy and influencing projects throughout the sport.

Meet the Young Ambassadors by clicking on their name below.

Amy Hutchings

Name: Amy Hutchings
Age: 17
Lives: Merseyside
Plays at: Warrington TTC
I applied because… I want to help develop and shape the future of table tennis and get more people involved in the sport.

Amy Webster

Name: Amy Webster
Age: 17
Lives: Co. Durham
Plays at: Ormesby TTC
Interesting Fact: Has trekked through the Belize jungle

Carys Evans

Name: Carys Evans
Age: 15
Lives: Buckinghamshire
I applied because… I am passionate about getting people involved in table tennis. I especially want to try and inspire young people to continue taking part in sport throughout their future.
Interesting Fact: Currently trains with the U16 Great Britain Softball team

David Adesanya

Name: David Adesanya
Age: 21
Lives: London
Table Tennis Fact: Recently took part in the EUSA (European University Sports Association) SELL Games in Finland.
Interesting Fact: Has climbed the Great Wall of China

Daisy Kershaw

Name: Daisy Kershaw
Age: 16
Lives: Bristol
Studying: At Bristol Academy of Sport from Sept 2016
Table Tennis Fact: Recently travelled to Romania to train with my new coach and team

Hugo Ursell

Name: Hugo Ursell
Age: 14
Lives: Kent
Regularly takes part in a number of sports/activities including: Cricket, mixed martial arts, rugby, open water swimming, cycling and of course table tennis!
Table Tennis Fact: Has completed over 200 hours of voluntary work within table tennis.

Kin Fung Chan

Name: Kin Fung Chan
Age: 18
Lives: Gt Manchester
Plays at: Halton TTC
Table Tennis Fact: Recently represented England at the Schools’ Invitation International in Ireland.

Lauren James

Name: Lauren James
Age: 19
Lives: Essex
Table Tennis Fact: Has umpired at the World Championship of Ping Pong
Interesting Fact: Is the table tennis poster girl for the #ThisGirlCan campaign

Omar Khassal

Name: Omar Khassal
Age: 17
Lives: Middlesex
Plays at: London Academy
Table Tennis Fact: Is one of only two worldwide table tennis ambassadors for the International School Sports Federation (ISF).

Paul Demetriou

Name: Paul Demetriou
Age: 16
Lives: London
Plays at: Mild May Community TTC
Table Tennis Fact: Volunteers at a table tennis summer camp for Tottenham Hotspur FC as part of the Premier League for Sport programme.

Simon Price

Name: Simon Price
Age: 19
Lives: Oxfordshire
Plays at: Kidlington Fourm TTC and University of Birmingham TTC
Table Tennis Fact: Has been in involved in Ping! Oxford for two years