Outdoor Table Tennis Guidance

Use this guide to find out more about outdoor table tennis.

Table Tennis England noticed how popular outdoor table tennis was in Europe and China, so in 2009 we, supported by Sport England, installed 47 tables in 26 London parks to measure their impact and popularity.

The project was a success. The tables were quickly adopted by the communities they were placed in. Since then outdoor table tennis has been included as part of Table Tennis England’s strategy to increase opportunities to play.

The key benefits for organisations who have installed outdoor table tennis tables include:

  • Very low maintenance costs after the initial purchase
  • The opportunity to engages the local community and encourage social cohesion
  • Reduced anti social behavior in public spaces
  • Improved school playground behavior
  • Opportunities to reinvigorate unused space in urban environments
  • Added value to outdoor facilities such as playgrounds, outdoor gyms and skate parks
  • Provides a family friendly activity that will increase visit times and potentially custom in cafes and shops in close proximity to the tables.

To find out more download our Outdoor Table Tennis Guide, attached below.


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Outdoor Table Tennis Guide

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