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Discover our programme that aims to get more young people volunteering

Table Tennis Young Ambassadors

The Table Tennis Young Ambassador (TTYA) programme aims to benefit both young people looking for great volunteering experiences and table tennis clubs looking for a few extra pairs of hands.

** Please note, due to the popularity of the programme, registration for the Young Ambassador Programme is currently closed. We plan to reopen the application process in September 2019. In the meantime, you can register your interest via the form below.

Clubs who sign up to programme will be given the tools to grow their volunteer base and enable young people in their club and community to gain personal skills, qualifications and vital experience to enhance their CV, as well as an opportunity to give something back to their club, which young people have told us they are passionate about. We are supporting clubs through the scheme by offering part funding to help potential volunteers who might like to gain coaching, or officiating qualifications as part of the programme.

The programme will look to incentivise young people volunteering at table tennis clubs who log a certain amount of hours by providing funding for coaching and officiating courses, TTYA kit, certificates and special recognition from Table Tennis England.  



Who can be a TTYA?

Anybody aged 14-25 who wants to support their local table tennis club and gain some valuable volunteering experience can become a TTYA. Each club will assign a Volunteer Mentor to be each Young Ambassador’s point of call who will determine what roles at the club that need supporting.  Young Ambassadors could be assisting with coaching sessions once a week, helping out at events, creating a digital presence for the club or joining the club committee as a Junior Representative.

How does the programme work?

The TTYA programme is available to all table tennis clubs, with incentives funded for a maximum of three Young Ambassadors per Premier Club. Each club will assign a Volunteer Mentor who will be the first point of contact for both the Young Ambassadors in your club and Table Tennis England. This could be your current Junior Officer, Volunteer Coordinator or a completely new person/role. Your Volunteer Mentor will encourage your Young Ambassadors to log their hours on the VInspired website and claim incentives. The more hours Young Ambassadors give to your club, the more we give back to them.

What incentives are available to Young Ambassadors?

The milestones your Young Ambassadors will receive rewards for are: 10, 30 and 50 hours.

10 hours: £95 bursary for a UKCC Level 1 Coaching Table Tennis course or full bursary for Level 1 Umpire course.*

30 hours: TTYA sport shirt

50 hours: TTYA hoodie, certificate and special recognition from Table Tennis England

For each level, Young Ambassadors will also receive a Vinspired certificate.

The guidance document below provides more details of the programme, including conditions of funding and incentives available within the programme.

How do we get involved?

Read the details below or download our Guidance Document found at the end of this page. You will then need to register your club by completing the form below so we can keep in touch and support your Volunteer Mentor. Once you have completed your registration you will receive a confirmation email containing next steps. You will then be sent communications from our team with lots of helpful insight, case studies, job descriptions, promotional material and further instructions to get you started with the programme.

Step 1:

As a club, decide if you need more volunteers and want to be part of the TTYA programme.

Step 2:

Decide what area of the club you require support with and what roles you may need filling by a Young Ambassador. Begin to think about potential existing members who may be suitable for roles you need or who would be interested in getting involved.

Step 3:

Appoint a Volunteer Mentor. The Volunteer Mentor must be the first point of contact for both the Young Ambassadors in your club and Table Tennis England. This could be your current Junior Officer, Volunteer Coordinator or be a completely new person/role. We will support your Volunteer Mentor provide great experiences for your Young Ambassadors.

Step 4:

Register your club for the TTYA programme on the Young Ambassadors page of Table Tennis England website.

Step 5:

Table Tennis England will then send your Volunteer Mentor lots of helpful tips, resources, guidance and templates to help you encourage young people in your community or existing members to volunteer at your club, as well as how they log their hours and claim their incentives, which have been chosen based on feedback from current club young volunteers. Your Volunteer Mentor will play a pivotal part in ensuring your Young Ambassador has a great experience, and will be required to be available for guidance and support when required by Young Ambassadors at your club.

Step 6:

Begin recruitment of Young Ambassadors and grow your workforce! Table Tennis England’s Development and Volunteering department will be on hand to support you on your journey to recruit and retain your volunteers.

We are not a Premier Club, but are interested. What next?

Your club are welcome to sign up to the TTYA programme and encourage young people to volunteer at your club through the programme. However, Table Tennis England cannot commit to funding the incentives for your Young Ambassadors. Young Ambassador kit will be available for purchase on the Table Tennis England website on the Young Ambassador page.  For more information on how to become a Premier Club, click here.

We are a Premier Club and have lots of potential Young Ambassadors. Can we enrol them all onto the programme?

There is no limit to the amount of Young Ambassadors per club, but clubs must commit to funding Young Ambassador incentives past the first three if a Premier Club, or all incentives for all Young Ambassadors if not a Premier Club. Young Ambassador kit will be available for purchase on the Table Tennis England website on the Young Ambassador page. 

I’m aged between 14-25 and don’t belong to table tennis club but would like to become a Table Tennis Young Ambassador. How do I make this happen?

If you are a young person who is not currently a member of table tennis club but are interested in becoming a Table Tennis Young Ambassador, please contact us on  and we will help you find a suitable opportunity.

I’m aged between 14-25, belong to table tennis club but am unsure if my club have signed up to the programme or if there is a Volunteer Mentor.

In some cases, information about the programme may not have reached the correct person. Please contact with the name of your club you are member of and we will speak to your club, informing them that we have received interest from one of their members interested in becoming a Young Ambassador.

What evidence is required for Young Ambassadors each award?

All evidence will be submitted by Young Ambassadors on the VInspired website. Instructions will be sent to your Volunteer Mentor upon registration.

Our existing volunteers are concerned that they do not have capacity to take on an additional role of the Volunteer Mentor. How much work will the Volunteer Mentor be required to do?

We want to lighten the workload of existing volunteers, not create more. The Volunteer Mentor will simply act as the point of call for your Young Ambassadors if they require club specific support with their role. You will also be our first point of call when we communicate programme updates, provide instructions and how to claim incentives. Table Tennis England staff will be able to support your Volunteer Mentors in their role when required. We have also included a basic job description for the Volunteer Mentor to aid your recruitment.   

What information and support is available to ensure safeguarding best practice?

The CPSU (Child Protection in Sport Unit) have produced a free e-learning course about involving young people in sport which, although has been developed in partnership with the Football Association, will show you how you can increase young people’s participation in the planning and running of sports activities, and how this benefits everyone.  Whether you’re a coach, club volunteer, committee member or ponetially going to be the TTYA Volunteer Mentor at your club, this training course is for you. To complete the course, or for more information click here. The course should take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

For Table Tennis England’s full safeguarding information and policies, please visit our dedicated safeguarding page.


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