Meet the Ambassadors

Meet the team of Young Ambassadors who will shape the future of our sport.

Amy Hutchings

Name: Amy Hutchings
Age: 17
Lives: Merseyside
Plays at: Warrington TTC
I applied because… I want to help develop and shape the future of table tennis and get more people involved in the sport.

Amy Webster

Name: Amy Webster
Age: 17
Lives: Co. Durham
Plays at: Ormesby TTC
Interesting Fact: Has trekked through the Belize jungle

Carys Evans

Name: Carys Evans
Age: 15
Lives: Buckinghamshire
I applied because… I am passionate about getting people involved in table tennis. I especially want to try and inspire young people to continue taking part in sport throughout their future.
Interesting Fact: Currently trains with the U16 Great Britain Softball team

David Adesanya

Name: David Adesanya
Age: 21
Lives: London
Table Tennis Fact: Recently took part in the EUSA (European University Sports Association) SELL Games in Finland.
Interesting Fact: Has climbed the Great Wall of China

Daisy Kershaw

Name: Daisy Kershaw
Age: 16
Lives: Bristol
Studying: At Bristol Academy of Sport from Sept 2016
Table Tennis Fact: Recently travelled to Romania to train with my new coach and team

Hugo Ursell

Name: Hugo Ursell
Age: 14
Lives: Kent
Regularly takes part in a number of sports/activities including: Cricket, mixed martial arts, rugby, open water swimming, cycling and of course table tennis!
Table Tennis Fact: Has completed over 200 hours of voluntary work within table tennis.

Kin Fung Chan

Name: Kin Fung Chan
Age: 18
Lives: Gt Manchester
Plays at: Halton TTC
Table Tennis Fact: Recently represented England at the Schools’ Invitation International in Ireland.

Lauren James

Name: Lauren James
Age: 19
Lives: Essex
Table Tennis Fact: Has umpired at the World Championship of Ping Pong
Interesting Fact: Is the table tennis poster girl for the #ThisGirlCan campaign

Omar Khassal

Name: Omar Khassal
Age: 17
Lives: Middlesex
Plays at: London Academy
Table Tennis Fact: Is one of only two worldwide table tennis ambassadors for the International School Sports Federation (ISF).

Paul Demetriou

Name: Paul Demetriou
Age: 16
Lives: London
Plays at: Mild May Community TTC
Table Tennis Fact: Volunteers at a table tennis summer camp for Tottenham Hotspur FC as part of the Premier League for Sport programme.

Simon Price

Name: Simon Price
Age: 19
Lives: Oxfordshire
Plays at: Kidlington Fourm TTC and University of Birmingham TTC
Table Tennis Fact: Has been in involved in Ping! Oxford for two years