British League

British League is the premier club team competition across the United Kingdom.

** Due to the pandemic, VBL, JBL and WBL dates for the 2020/21 season have been cancelled. SBL remains subject to the cancellation and refund policy and the stop/go dates therein.

British League is the premier club team competition across the United Kingdom. There are separate competitions for Senior players, Women, Juniors and Veterans. The competitions are run by the British League committee and teams of volunteers.

British League committee members

Neil Rogers
[email protected]

General Secretary
Gary Wood
[email protected]

Calendar Secretary
Alan Ransome OBE

Malcolm Macfarlane

Senior (SBL) Coordinator
[email protected]

Women’s (WBL) Coordinator
Jim Kenny
[email protected]

Junior (JBL) Coordinator
[email protected]

Veterans’ (VBL) Coordinator
[email protected]

TTE Board member
Susie Hughes
[email protected]

TTE Staff member
Carol Miles
[email protected]

Click here to view the British League General Regulations

Click here to visit the British League website to view fixtures and other information

A calendar featuring all the key British League dates for the 2020/21 season can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. Click here for details about our cancellation and refunds policy.

Documentation for all competitions 2020/21

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Invitation letter

Team entry form

Player registration form

Team/Club ranking form

Final league tables 2019/20

SBL draft league population

SBL venues

SBL Premier Division club guidance

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Senior British League Official Ball Supplier 2020/21:


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British League Calendar 2020/21

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British League Strategy 2020 (1)

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Illustrative Operational Process for Formation of Divisions in British League

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