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*** March 19th, 2019: The March rankings are to be republished on Wednesday March 20th due to further anomalies which have come to light.

In our efforts to ensure an equitable and transparent application of the ranking guidelines, we have recently asked all results for events with less than 16 participants be highlighted in order that bonus points can be awarded equitably for events between the beginning of the season and March 7th. If additional queries are identified, we will investigate and implement required changes in the next ranking run, in line with consistent application of bonus points.

Where this change results in a material impact relating to an event invitation, this will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

NB: In the eventuality that we have to re-publish the ranking list due to an error, we will use the updated list for invitations to National events.

No one is deemed to have qualified for an event, until they have received an official invitation.

Athletes indicated by an asterisk are fixed at the top of our rankings by virtue of their position in the ITTF World Rankings, regardless of whether or not they have appeared in any domestic events.

Age group lists for U10, U11 and U12 boys and girls are published in December, March and April; selections for the U10-U13 Nationals (June 15-16) are based on the April rankings lists.

March lists: Under-10 BoysUnder-10 Girls Under-11 BoysUnder-11 GirlsUnder-12 BoysUnder-12 Girls

Under 13 Girls

  1. Anna Green
  2. Maliha Baig
  3. Isabelle Lacorte
  4. Bethany Ellis
  5. Katie Bates
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Under 13 Boys

  1. Connor Green
  2. Oliver Maric - Murray
  3. Jakub Piwowar
  4. Joseph Hunter
  5. James Hamblett
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Cadet Girls

  1. Ruby Chan
  2. Anaya Patel
  3. Millie Rogove
  4. Mari Baldwin
  5. Erin Green
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Cadet Boys

  1. Louis Price
  2. Rhys Davies
  3. Thomas Rayner
  4. Naphong Boonyaprapa
  5. Connor Green
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Junior Girls

  1. Charlotte Bardsley
  2. Denise Payet
  3. Mollie Patterson
  4. Jasmin Wong
  5. Darcie Proud
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Junior Boys

  1. Shayan Siraj
  2. Ethan Walsh
  3. James Smith
  4. Joe Cope
  5. Naphat Boonyaprapa
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Under 21 Women

  1. Tin-Tin Ho
  2. Denise Payet
  3. Emily Bolton
  4. Mollie Patterson
  5. Charlotte Bardsley
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Under 21 Men

  1. Tom Jarvis
  2. Luke Savill
  3. Joshua Bennett
  4. Shayan Siraj
  5. James Hobson
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Senior Women

  1. Tin-Tin Ho *
  2. Maria Tsaptsinos
  3. Denise Payet
  4. Emily Bolton
  5. Hannah Hicks
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Senior Men

  1. Liam Pitchford *
  2. Paul Drinkhall *
  3. Sam Walker *
  4. Tom Jarvis *
  5. Christopher Doran
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Veteran Women

  1. Sara Williams
  2. Sue Collier
  3. Sanja Clements
  4. Sarah Short
  5. Rosemary Rainton
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Veteran Men

  1. Lorestas Trumpauskas
  2. Jason Ramage
  3. Michael O'Driscoll
  4. Andrew Wilkinson
  5. Chris Rogers
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