Rules of table tennis (Laws)

The rules in this page aim to give a basic indication of competitive table tennis in England.

This section is correct as of June 9, 2021

The aim of the game is simple; hit the ball over the net onto your opponent’s side. A point is won by you if your opponent is unable to return the ball to your side of the table (e.g. they miss the ball, they hit the ball but it misses your side of the table, or the ball hits the net), or if they hit the ball before it bounces on their side of the table.

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The Laws of Table Tennis

Table Tennis England’s Articles provide that (unless otherwise decided by special resolution at a general meeting) the Laws of Table Tennis in England shall be those laid down by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). These can be downloaded below. A list of ITTF-approved equipment can be found by clicking here.

Regulations for Competitions

ITTF regulates international competitions. It publishes Regulations for International Competitions on its website as part of the ITTF Handbook.

Table Tennis England regulates national and local competitions. The Regulated Competitions regulations are attached below. (These used to be called the competitive table tennis regulations and this phrase may still be present in some older documents).

Regulated Competitions covers competitions authorised by Table Tennis England and affiliated organisations other than internal club competitions. It is based largely on the international regulations and incorporates many of them by reference. International regulations concerning the racket and the ball have been adopted as National By-Laws and are mandatory for all regulated competitions in England. Regulations vary according to the grade of competition. The organisers state the grade and any deviations from the standard on the entry form.



Total Attachments: 22

Index of Articles and Regulations

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Size: 199 KB

Laws 2020-21

Type: pdf
Size: 75 KB

A) Regulated Competitions (formerly Competitive Table Tennis)

Type: pdf
Size: 174 KB

AC) Anti-corruption regulations

Type: pdf
Size: 283 KB

B) Tournaments

Type: pdf
Size: 101 KB

C) County Administration

Type: pdf
Size: 227 KB

D) Disciplinary Regulations

Type: pdf
Size: 195 KB

E) Right of Appeal

Type: pdf
Size: 152 KB

F) English Leagues Cup Competitions

Type: pdf
Size: 81 KB

G) Grand Prix

Type: pdf
Size: 88 KB

H) Coaching

Type: pdf
Size: 71 KB

I) Election of Directors

Type: pdf
Size: 111 KB

J) Affiliation & Registration

Type: pdf
Size: 114 KB

K) County Championships

Type: pdf
Size: 282 KB

LG) British League General Regulations

Type: pdf
Size: 155 KB

LJ) British League Regulations - Junior League

Type: pdf
Size: 71 KB

LS) British League Regulations - Senior League

Type: pdf
Size: 124 KB

LV) Veterans' British League Regulations

Type: pdf
Size: 102 KB

LW) Women's British League Regulations

Type: pdf
Size: 104 KB

M) Good Standing

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P) Anti-Doping

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Size: 11 KB

Q) Register of Business Interests

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