StreetTT community moderators

  • Voluntary (Re-occuring)
  • London

• Passionate about table tennis?
• Do you want to take part in a new online game that is played in real life?
• Are you committed to encouraging players of all abilities?

If the answer is yes, StreetTT is offering you a voluntary role as a community moderator (MOD) in the real-world table tennis game. As a MOD you will run regular table tennis sessions for adult players aged 18+, and you will submit results on their behalf using the StreetTT app. StreetTT sessions can take place at any table tennis table, outdoors and indoors.

StreetTT gives each player a unique QR code which opponents can scan to submit a match result and generate an Elo rating, detailed game statistics and a ranking by city, table, club, country, world. Players and MODs can use the app’s meetup feature to promote their events to all users in the city. StreetTT is free for all users, there are no in-app adverts or premium features. Access from any browser, any device at or download the app on Google Play.

There are already StreetTT MODs in over 20 European cities.

Here are the qualities that make a great MOD:
• Welcoming and kind, inclusive to all people
• Generous with time and shares learning
• Positive outlook and values sportsmanship
• Supportive of female sports participation

If this fits you, please create a StreetTT account and use the Become MOD button from within the app’s Menu. StreetTT are happy to provide a remote training session for all MODs which they deliver by Zoom, please request this either by email to [email protected] or by using the Report Issue button from the app’s Menu.

Each month, MODs receive an email which shares great ideas from other cities and provides help and guidance on how to run involving and thrilling TT events.

Create and grow your own community, a world of players are waiting!