Clubs’ Public Liability Insurance

PremierClubs and Affiliated Leagues are covered under the Table Tennis England Public Liability Insurance.

Clubs which are registered with Table Tennis England, and Affiliated Leagues, are covered under the Table Tennis England Public Liability Insurance.

This covers legal liability for damages and legal costs arising out of injury to Employees and Third Party loss, injury or damage, in connection with the insured activities described above for incidents occurring within the period stated above.

Cover includes Employers Liability, Public liability, Professional indemnity and Directors & Officers Liability, including liability for damage to leased and rented premises, indemnity to principals and liability arising out of goods sold or supplied including refreshments. Cover is provided with a retro-active date of 15 November 2003 (or from the start of your association membership, whichever date is the latter) which means that the cover will respond in respect of insured incidents that have occurred since this date, where the incident has not already been notified to insurers. All incidents that may give rise to a claim should be notified to Sportscover via Towergate at the time of incident.

Limit of Indemnity

  • £10,000,000 any one event, including Legal Defence Costs
  • £10,000,000 any one period of cover for Products or Pollution
  • £ 5,000,000 any one period of cover for Directors & Officers Liability
  • £ 1,000,000 any one period of cover for Abuse

Frequently asked Questions

The questions below are intended as a guide for Table Tennis England members only. Should you be in any doubt or require any further clarification then please contact Towergate Insurance who will be pleased to assist.

Are the club and its management team covered in the event of any claim arising from Public Liability risks to which they may be exposed in managing the club?

The group Table Tennis England Liability Insurance is provided by a sports specialist insurer – Sportscover – who have over 25 years experience providing cover for Sporting Associations. Public liability cover is provided to all members however, as with all insurances terms, conditions & exclusions apply.  Examples of exclusions are wilful destruction and neglect, terrorism and deliberate acts etc. A summary of cover is available on request from Table Tennis England or Towergate Insurance.

In general, as long as the league, club and its officials have acted in accordance with the rules and governance as laid down by the association, then in most circumstances the insurance will respond should you be considered “liable” upon injury or damage. This will include not only the playing and training of the sport, but also the club’s associated social activities.

The clubs insurance policy should be considered as an added protection to your existing care and attention and sensible management of your risks. However, in no circumstances should liability be admitted. This will be for Sportscover to handle.

As a club, are our guests covered by the Sports Liability policy?

Yes. It is strongly recommended that their names are recorded in a visitors’ book to ensure that you have an accurate record of a guests attendance, which can be up to a maximum of four visits by any person. This will provide insurers with valuable assistance in handling any claim made against you.

Are 'pay & play' or 'taster session' players covered by the Sports Liability insurance? If not, does this jeopardise the clubs insurance cover?

“Non members” are not insured under the Table Tennis England policy for claims against them. This “social risk” is often insured by their own personal home insurance.

If one of these individuals decided to take an action against the club (or a Table Tennis England member) for injury or damage then the Sports Liability policy would indemnify the club or the member if liability was established.

Do we always need a licensed coach present?

A licensed coach should be present at all times during official club training/coaching sessions. It is not necessary for a licensed coach to be present during open play or competitions or general practice, although a qualified first aider should be present.

If a third party is hiring our club premises are we still covered by the Sports Liability insurance?

Yes, the policy (subject to terms and conditions) will provide cover to the club for your legal liability in respect of claims that are made against the club for injury, loss or damage that arise out of the club’s negligence, this includes its members and committee.  The policy does not provide any form of indemnity to the hirers in respect of their own legal liability.

The third party should be requested to provide evidence of their own public liability insurance to ensure that it is current and to an acceptable limit of indemnity.

Does the policy provide clubs with Employers Liability (EL) insurance?

Yes. You are required by law to have Employers Liability insurance for people who you employ. People who you normally think of as self-employed or volunteers may be considered as your employees for the purposes of Employers Liability insurance. What matters is the nature of your relationship with the people who work for you and the degree of control you have over the work they do.

Does the policy provide clubs with Directors & Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance?

Yes. This is provided up to a limit of £ 1,000,000.

What other covers are available which are not included within the group Sports Liability policy?

Amongst the main covers which should be considered are :-

  • Loss/damage to Premises or Contents that you own (including TT tables)
  • Personal Accident & Injury for guests and non player members

You may contact Towergate Insurance on 01926 439439 (email: for a no obligation quotation on any of these covers.

If our club engages the services of an Independent Contractor to carry out some maintenance/ alterations at our club are we covered by the Sports Liability policy if the Contractor causes Injury or damage to a Third Party or their property?

As the contractor is independent then they should carry their own third party liability insurance (Public Liability) in case they injure someone else or damage their property. We recommend that the club requests sight of the contractors’ Insurance certificate.

If however, the contractor were personally injured and decided to sue the club or a member for the injuries they have sustained, the policy would indemnify the club or club member for any liability (subject to policy coverage, terms and conditions)

Does the policy cover clubs for the use of their equipment (Tables, Floodlights, nets and courts) by the nearby school to teach children T.T. as part of their educational curriculum?

Yes. However, you should ensure that equipment is maintained, periodically inspected for defects & known faults repaired where necessary prior to loaning. You should also ensure that the school supplies a statement of their own Public Liability Insurance.

Who can claim on this Insurance? Is it a Public Liability Policy covering claims by the public as a whole, or are there constraints or exclusions on who can claim?

Anyone can make a claim against a member, a club, league, county association of the National governing Body itself. One Table Tennis Enlgand member is also entitled to make a claim against another Table Tennis England member in the event of bodily injury caused.

Are our club members (playing at home or away) covered for claims made against them? How would the “away” team fare if the incident was caused by them?

All Table Tennis England members are covered equally for home and away matches, including “member to member” liability.

If the opposing team are a Table Tennis England affiliated club then their members will be similarly covered. If they are not Table Tennis England affiliated you should check that they have Public Liability insurance in place (a minimum limit of indemnity of £10,000,000 is recommended)

How is the club management covered for claims brought about or made by other groups using our equipment or facilities, which may or not be for a fee?

Any claims for injury or damage arising out of the club’s negligence would be covered by the TTE Sports liability insurance. Please see comments above regarding maintenance of equipment. We recommend that you ask for evidence of their public liability insurance, in case they damage your equipment (or injure your members).

Claims documentation

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