Britannia Suffolk GP cancelled

Russell Moore

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Regrettably the third Britannia Suffolk Grand Prix scheduled for this coming Sunday the 10th of February 13 has been cancelled.
After encouraging numbers for the previous two Grand Prix’s at close of play yesterday evening I had in my possession just 13 forms with no additions to that number today.

Both myself and Britannia club Chairman Ken Lewis had sent out feelers to all our contacts and despite many players saying they will enter, we cannot rely on players saying they should / likely play or who request paying on the day.

Sadly I would expect that with an extension of another three or four days we could well have the entries rise to 24 however we have run out of time and it isn’t fair on those who have sent in their forms on time who are then given the bad news late in the day if we cannot get enough entries when perhaps they could have organised something else.

I’m hopeful that we can re arrange February’s GP for May and will inform your office if we can decide on a day and that you are happy with this.


Andrew Dosher

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