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Paul Stimpson

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Please note - this news article was published more than five years ago. Some of the information contained may no longer be correct.

Can you help to complete a full set of programmes and results for the National Championships? There is a complete set of winners from the inception of the competition in 1960 which can be found on the website by clicking here.

There are also full details of all matches from the 2005/06 season.

However, there are many years where results have not been retained and reporting has not given full details.

It would be very much appreciated if any player, official, coach, parent or supporter could supply details of missing results for the years and events listed below, even if it is only partial information, for example a result between two players. Also listed are the years for which programmes are not held.

If you can help in any way can you contact me on [email protected]

Missing programmes

  • 1978
  • 1986
  • 1990
  • 1993
  • 1994

Missing results

  • January 1971 (12th) MD
  • January 1973 (14th) MS/MD/XD
  • January 1974 (15th) All
  • April 1975 (16th) MS/MD/XD
  • April 1976 (17th) All
  • February 1977 (18th) MS/MD/XD
  • February 1978 (19th) All except WD
  • February 1979 (20th) MS/MD/XD
  • March 1986 (27th) All results plus details of Tournament Organisers
  • January 1987 (28th) All
  • May 1989 (30th) All
  • March 1991 (32nd) MS/WS/MD/XD/VMS/VMD
  • March 1993 (34th) All
  • March 1994 (35th) All
  • March 1995 (36th) All
  • March 1996 (37th) XD
  • March 1997 (38th) All
  • March 1998 (39th) MS/WS/MD/WD/XD/U21MS/U21WS/VMS
  • March 1999  (40th) All
  • May 2000 (41st) All
  • March 2001 (42nd) All
  • March 2002 (43rd) MS/WS/MD/WD/XD/U21MS/U21WS/VMS
  • March 2003 (44th) All except VWS
  • March 2004 (45th) All except VWS
  • March 2005 (46th) All except VWS/VMD
  • February 2006 (47th) All except VWD

Diane Webb
Chairman of Archives, Museum and Records Committee
June 27th, 2014

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