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Paul Stimpson

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Do you want to take the first steps on the journey to becoming a table tennis umpire – or are you just interested in testing your knowledge of the game? Either way, our online umpire test paper is for you!

We are opening up our Level 1 Umpire test paper to allow people to take it online. Initially, up to 100 people can sign up to take the test, which is the first stage of qualifying as a Level 1 Umpire.

The paper will test your knowledge of the Laws of the Game and comprises 40 true or false questions and 15 multiple choice questions.

Registration will open online tomorrow (April 16) and run until next Tuesday. Login and passwords for the training resource and exam will be sent to applicants after the closing date next week

There are resources online to support learning prior to taking the exam, including documents on laws and procedures, plus videos to watch. We strongly recommend people use the resources before taking the exam, rather than relying on their perceived knowledge based on playing experience.

You can work through the stage at your own pace – depending on how long you spend reading and watching the resource material, the process will take between two and six hours.

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There is no obligation to complete the rest of the Level 1 Umpire qualifying process, but anyone who completes this first stage can if they wish go on to the second stage, which will be held at a club or in a tournament after the lockdown measures have been lifted.

Stage two consists of a guide on how to umpire and follow the correct procedures, followed by several practical assessments on court during matches. The cost is £30. Those who pass will become Level 1 Umpires.

Table Tennis England’s Head of Development & Volunteering, Greg Yarnall, said: “One of our key priorities is to train a steady supply of top-quality umpires and to support them to progress as far as they wish to in their officiating careers.

“We hope that a good number of people who take this first stage will go on to qualify once the current restrictions are lifted, but we also felt that while the sport is in ‘lockdown’, many of our members would be interested in taking the first stage of the course.

“I’m sure it will be a fascinating process for everyone who takes it.”

If you have any questions or issues concerning registration, please email [email protected]

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