Doubles Rd 1 & 2

Russell Moore

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The results for the first two rounds of the boys and girls are as follows:

Junior Girls

Millwain/Robinson bt. McMullan/Peake 3-0
Smith/Kirby bt. Taylor/Miah
Travis/Sundararajan 3-1
Hoang/Yasmin bt. Bolton/Noutch 3-2
Ashlet/Knowles bt. Collier/Neil 3-0

Le Fevre/Armitage bt. Millwain/Robinson 3-1
Smith/Kirby bt. Travis/Sundararajan 3-1
Whyte/Dawson bt. Hoang/Yasmin 3-2
King/Ho bt. Ashley/Knowles 3-0

Junior Boys

Rd 1
Cowan/Papantoniou bt. Davies/Lines 3-1
McTiernan/Moses bt.Kelly/Meikle 3-0
Lo/Harrison bt. MacNiven/Josephs 3-0
Green/Byers bt. Gray/Dennison 3-2
Outhwaite/Sweeney bt. Ibatoglu/Patten 3-0
Maynard/Knowles bt. Placid/Facey-Thompson 3-1
Tyson/Ross bt. Kamara/Awosile 3-1
Lama/Langham-Ferriera bt. Bednarcyzk/Fellows
White/Wilson bt. Corell/Hole 3-1
Robinson/Anderson bt. Savva/Savva 3-1
Lawrance/Bennett bt. Thomson/Bairoliya 3-0
Mariano/Tuttle bt. Wilson/Morais 3-1

Rd 2
Cullen/Lowe bt Cowan/Papantoniou 3-0
McTiernan/Moses bt. Lo/Harrison 3-1
Outhwaite/Sweeney bt. Green/Byers 3-0
Ward/Nutley bt. Maynard/Knowles 3-0
Morais/Weerasinghe bt. Tyson/Ross 3-0
Lama/Langham-Ferriera bt. White/Wilson 3-2
Lawrance/Bennett bt. Robinson/Anderson 3-0
Walker/Gray bt. Mariano/Tuttle 3-0

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