Drinkhall & Parker reach new career highs

Russell Moore

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Olympic table tennis stars Paul Drinkhall and Joanna Parker both reach new career high world rankings in the August lists as their march up the charts continue through the summer of 2012.

The Olympic Games has proved to be a perfect focus point for the English players’ rankings as members from both squads saw their international standings consistently improve over the last 12 months.

This move has culminated in a new career high for both Drinkhall – the new world number 83 (beating his 88 ranking in December 2010), and Parker – the new word number 112 (beating her 117 ranking from June 2012).

In fact, Parker’s ranking of 112 was the fourth time in the last nine months that she has set a new personal best world ranking as England’s young squad start to mature on the world stage. In the top five men and top three women, only injury-hit Kelly Sibley had a negative 12 months with both Liam Pitchford (up 130) and Tin-Tin Ho (up 250) making substantial strides in 2012.

Player Name WR Change Aug 2011 12 months change Player Name WR Change Aug 2011 12 Months change
Paul Drinkhall 83 +24 130 +47 Joanna Parker 112 +7 168 +56
Andrew Baggaley 131 +3 156 +25 Kelly Sibley 180 -3 151 -29
Liam Pitchford 145 -2 275 +130 Tin-Tin Ho 431 +3 681 +250
Daniel Reed 227 +3 282 +55
Darius Knight 248 +4 254 +6

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