Exemption List for U11-14 Nationals

Russell Moore

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Former Champion Denise Payet heads the Exemption List once again

The Exemption List for the 2013/14 Under 11-14 National Championships can be found below, these players will be given a bye through the qualifying process and can look forward to competing in the finals in Doncaster (May 31st – Jun 1st, 2014).

Entry forms are now online for most of the regional qualifiers as well, which take place over the weekend of April 5-6th, these can be found here.

2013/14 Under 11-14 National Championships Exemption List

Under 11 Boys
1. Amirul Hussain (La)
2. Fred Osenton-Brown (Y)
3. Jamie Liu (Bk)
4. Louis Moyes (Nk)
5. Ben Fillingham (Y)
6. Joshua Weatherby (Du)
7. Chamika Weerasinghe (K)
8. Shae Thakker (Bu)

Under 11 Girls
1. Jasmine Wong (Y)
2. Ruby Chan (Y)
3. Nicole Scott (Ch)
4. Scarlett O’Neil (K)
5. Joelle Bennett (Sx)
6. Estelle Kelly (Sy)

Under 12 Boys
1. Ethan Walsh (He)
2. Amirul Hussain (La)
3. Tom McIntosh (Ng)
4. Joseph Saxton (Ys)
5. Fred Osenton-Brown (Y)
6. Jamie Liu (Bk)
7. Louis Moyes (Nk)
8. Ben Fillingham (Y)

Under 12 Girls
1. Katie Holt (Ha)
2. Danielle Kelly (Sy)
3. Alice Dillon (La)
4. Charlotte Bardsley (Wo)
5. Mollie Patterson (Nk)
6. Molly Hancock (St)

Under 13 Boys
1. Harry Dai (Y)
2. James Smith (K)
3. Shayan Siraj (Y)
4. Ethan Walsh (He)
5. Jonathan McMullan (Ha)
6. Amirul Hussain (La)
7. Reiss Vydelingum (K)
8. Kidi Martin-Paulo (Mi)

Under 13 Girls
1. Denise Payet (Mi)
2. Sophie Barlow (Cv)
3. Tiana Dennison (E)
4. Bhavika Mistry (Np)
5. Gauri Duhan (Y)
6. Katie Holt (Ha)
7. Shristi Ghosh (Bu)
8. Sakeena Hanif (Y)

Under 14 Boys
1. Alex Ramsden (Np)
2. Harry Dai (Y)
3. James Smith (K)
4. Oliver Tyndall (Gs)
5. Shayan Siraj (Y)
6. Joseph Clark (Cv)
7. Artur Caltabiano (Ha)
8. Ethan Walsh (He)

Under 14 Girls
1. Denise Payet (Mi)
2. Kate Cheer (Sx)
3. Isabelle Joubeily (Sy)
4. Amy Blagbrough (Ha)
5. Sophie Barlow (Cv)
6. Tiana Dennison (E)
7. Bhavika Mistry (Np)
8. Gauri Duhan (Y)

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