Friday Photos 75: Can you identify these faces?

Diane Webb

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A mixture of old and not quite so old this week.

Can you help identify the people in these pictures? Let me know on [email protected]

I have had some positive responses to the request for National Championship programmes and results. Many thanks to those who have helped, in particular Colin Hyland, who has given the Association a wonderful collection of various National Championships, English Open, World Championship and other programmes along with a couple of rare books.

Photo 1

Photo 1. 1978. East Midlands Coaching

From Board Member, Simon Griew. An East Midlands Coaching Course in 1978. Simon is in the centre front, can you help with any other names? The young man holding the bat in the front row is known but can you think who he is? Help with other names is needed.



Photo 2

Photo 2

A collection of officers and officials. Date, occasion, venue and many names unknown.

Front row: Alan Ransome, George White, x, George Yates, Tom Blunn, Maurice Goldstein.

Second row: Includes Colin Clemett, Ron Crayden, Bill Moran, Rev Bernard Rowley and Norman Reeves.

Third row: Doreen Stannard in glasses.

Back row: Includes Phil Reid and far right, Albert Shipley.



Photo 3

Photo 3

Who is this player?



Photo 4

Photo 4

Who is in this picture with former RDO, Sandra Collins?

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