Friday Photos 77: Who are these VIPs?

Diane Webb

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Please note - this news article was published more than five years ago. Some of the information contained may no longer be correct.

This week we have four more photos from a wide range of years.

Photo 1

22.04.16 1. Susie Barna, centre, at the launch of the Biogrpahy of Victor Barna by Phil Reid.

Susie Barna, centre, at the book launch of the Biography of Victor Barna by Phil Reid to Susie’s left. Far left is Charles Wyles, ETTA Chairman. Can anyone identify the other people in the photo which was taken in 1975 by LNA Photos Ltd., Fleet Street, London.


Photo 2

22.04.16 2. Hans Alser talks to the Mayor. Alf Reynolds, photographer.

Hans Alser of Sweden talking to the Mayor of Hastings. Far left is Charles Wyles, ETTA Chairman, next to him, Victor Barna and then Roy Evans. To the right of Hans Alser is Nancy Evans and Ivor Montagu is second right. Can you identify the other player and the gentleman on the far right with an ETTA badge on his blazer pocket, also the occasion and date. Photo by Alf Reynolds of Hastings.


Photo 3

22.04.16 3. Alf Reynolds Photographer

Another Hastings Mayor with Charles Wyles ,second left. Does anyone know who any of the other people are in the photograph, the date or occasion? Photo once again is by Alf Reynolds of Hastings.


Photo 4

22.04.16 4. Photobition Photography Ltd, London.

Is this Chester Barnes receiving a cheque? If so from whom and when was it taken? Photo by Photobition Photography Ltd, Fleet Street, London.

Please contact me on [email protected] with any information.


Photos from April 15

I had a considerable number of emails about the photos from last week which gives an almost full house with regard to information. Many thanks to everyone who has contacted me.

Photo 1

Photo 1

Winner Skylet Andrew receiving the Droylsden Invitation Cup, a competition to promote the sport of table tennis in the area across the Borough of Tameside, greater Manchester. The event was held at Droylsden Sports Club with over 100 people in attendance with considerable press coverage. The round robin was won by Skylet Andrew, with the other competitors being Kevin Beadsley, Steve Scowcroft and Mark Hankey. To the right of the photographer is Joe Beadle, Event Organiser and Sponsor, and two more sponsors are in the centre. Seated on the far right is coach, Dennis Bradshaw. By Phoenix Photography of Manchester.


Photo 2

Photo 2

Keith Jackson of Sussex is on the left. No other information.


Photo 3

Photo 3.

Player unknown taken by Richard Clitherow of Liverpool.


Photos 4

Photo 4

Angela Maskell (née Mock) of Eastbourne TTL who together with Diane Gregg won the Sussex Women’s Doubles title.


Photo 5

Photo 45

Diane Gregg (née Gard) also of the Eastbourne TTL who was Sussex Women’s Singles Champion in 1976, 1977 and 1980. She also won the Mixed Doubles title in 1970.

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