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Friday Photos 99: Masters memories

Diane Webb

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This week there are a brilliant set of photographs from the Alan and Jose Ransome Collection. The event was a Norwich Union Masters. The question is what year were they taken and where? How many foreign players can you name?

Contact me on [email protected] with any information.

Many thanks to everyone who provided information on the pictures from the 1985 Commonwealth Championships last week.

Officials: English umpires only – Back Row: Bill Lavis, Brian Rowlen, Jack Evans, Brian Webb, Roger Vardon, John Jermyn, Harry Spraggs, Jim McKenzie, Trevor Openshaw, Geoff Taylor, Brian Foggin. Middle Row: Doug Young, Les Smith, Gerald Hammond. Front Row: Richard Scruton, Tony Chatwin, Doreen Stannard, Heather Masters, Val Roffe, Di Jermyn, Ruth (from Australia).

Those in bright red jackets were from Canada.

Welsh Team:  Back Row: Nigel Tyler, Alan Griffiths, Nigel/Mark Thomas. Front Row: Lesley Tyler (Now Keast), Brian Everson (npc), Shirley Cain-Williams.

Scottish Team: Back Row: John Broe, David McIlroy, Richard Yule, David Hannah. Front Row: Janet Smith, Diane Grieg.

Jersey Team: Team comprised Eugene Ellis, Patrick Quinn, Frank Bouegeard, Pauline Edwards (Soper), Dawn Paisnel. Geoffrey Reed was the npc.

Guernsey Team: Back Row: Ian Gallienne, Steve Brouard, Ian Powell, Philip Hunkin. Front Row: Brian Powell (npc), Kay Chivers (nee Herquin), Anne Rihoy (nee Lesbirel).

Australian Team: No names.

This week’s photos

Overview of the arena
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6
Photo 7
Photo 8
Photo 9
Photo 10 – John Hilton in action
Photo 11 – Desmond Douglas in action

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