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Guidelines on secure use of Zoom

Paul Stimpson

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During the period of lockdown, many clubs and individuals have turned to Zoom to stay connected and to deliver online sessions.

There is a small risk that some of these sessions can be joined by unauthorised people, so please consider the following tips to keep your online meetings safe and secure.

  • Take the time to understand your Zoom settings before launching a meeting
  • Use the scheduled meeting option to create a unique URL for each meeting
  • Make sure every meeting is password protected
  • Insist your callers register for the call, in advance
  • Never share your meeting URL or your personal meeting room URL in a public space on social media
  • Switch on end to end encryption
  • Lock the meeting once everyone has arrived
  • Nominate a Co-Host to moderate the meeting while you do the presentation
  • Change your screen sharing to Host only
  • Create a “Waiting Room” so people can’t join the meeting before the Host. This will allow you to admit people to the meeting one at a time
  • Disable File Transfer so people can’t introduce anything untoward into your meeting
  • Switch off the “Allow Removed Participants to Rejoin” setting – this will mean anyone who has been removed from the meeting cannot rejoin.
  • In chat, disable the facility for people to message people individually

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