Halton First Division winners, Jaguar Landrover

Halton TTL Championships

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Mal and Danny McEvoy were the stars of the show at the Halton Table Tennis League Championships, reaching a total of six finals between them.

The Championships and then the finals were played at Halton Stadium in Widnes, the home of Halton Table Tennis.

Mayor of Halton, Councillor John Bradshaw, and Mayoress Councillor Marjorie Bradshaw attended the finals. The Mayor, as President of the Halton League, kindly presented the trophies at the end of the evening.

The Kevin Higgins Memorial Trophy was presented by Mark Higgins on behalf of the family.

Niamh Scarborough was awarded The Stan Woodward Most Promising Junior Award.

Adam Calvert and Tom Ray Winners of Halton Hard Bat Doubles
Mal McEvoy and son Daniel featured in 6 matches at the Finals


Division 1: Winners – Jaguar Landrover; Runners-up – Widnes RUC ‘A’
Division 2: Winners – Widnes RUC ‘B’; Runners-up Farnworth

Divisional Averages
Division 1: Winner – Mal McEvoy 100% (21/21); Runner-up: Ken Connor 95.24% (20/21)
Division 2: Winner – John Gratton (Farnworth) 95.56% (43/45); Runner-up – Geoffrey Hough (Widnes RUC ‘B’) 93.75% (45/48)

Team Handicap Knock-out
Winners – Widnes RUC ‘A’; Runners-up: Halton TTC ’E’

Hard Bat Doubles – Daniel Trophy
Tom Ray (Halton TTC) & Adam Calvert (Halton TTC) bt Tim Vaughan (Halton TTC) & James Grindley (Halton TTC) -4, 4, 7

Liam Murphy (Halton) bt Niamh Scarborough (Halton) 9, 11, 8

Ray Jackson (JLR) bt Peter Findlater (Sutton) 4, 6, 6

Mixed Doubles
Tom Ray (Halton TTC) & Niamh Scarborough (Halton TTC) bt Jordan Abbott (Widnes RUC) & Maddy Lyons (Halton) 9, 7, -7, 8

Liam Murphy wins Halton Junior title 2019

Men’s Singles Semi-Finals
Mal McEvoy (JLR) bt Liam Murphy (Widnes RUC) 8, -8, 8, 3
Ken Connor (JLR) bt Danny McEvoy (JLR) – 10, 5, 6, -5, 5

Junior Singles Final
Liam Murphy (Widnes RUC) bt Niamh Scarborough (Halton TTC) 6, 10, -10, 6

Handicap Singles Final
Mal McEvoy (JLR) bt Danny McEvoy (JLR) 35-34, 35-31

Open Doubles Final
Mal McEvoy (JLR) & Danny McEvoy (JLR) bt Tim Vaughan (Halton TTC) & Ray Jackson (JLR) 7, 9, 13

Kevin Higgins Memorial Trophy
Tom Ray (Halton TTC) bt Peter Douglas (Halton TTC) -9, 8, 9

Veterans’ Singles Final
Mal McEvoy (JLR) bt Ray Jackson (JLR) 1, -9, 10, 9

Men’s Singles Final
Mal McEvoy (JLR) bt Ken Connor (JLR) 2, 6, 8

Niamh Scarborough with Stan Woodward Trophy 2019

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