Sam Davies, Karen Tonge MBE and Louis Cheung-Turner

Home success at Halton 2* tournament

Karen Tonge MBE

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Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up from the Halton Junior 2 Star Tournament held at Halton Stadium, Widnes.

Thanks to Andrew Morris and Tara Hanrahan for sending on the results and photos and to Tom Purcell, Board Member from Table Tennis England and Karen Tonge MBE chairman of Halton TT Club for presenting the trophies.


U11 Boys
Louis Cheung-Turner (Halton) bt Sam Davies (Halton) 4, 6, 9

U13 Boys
Ibraham Abdullah (Cheshire) bt Charlie Williams (Formby) 4, 5, 7

U13 Girls
Bethany Ellis (Garstang/ Halton) bt Milly Hanrahan (Halton) 5, 9, 8

Cadet Boys
Toby Ellis (Garstang/ Halton) bt Sam Cooper (Derbyshire) 1, 10, 6

Cadet Boys Consolation
Felix Anderson (Formby) bt Jack Savage (Formby) 2, 7, 5

Cadet Girls
Niamh Scarborough (Halton) bt Megan Jones (Shropshire) 12, 6, -7, 9

Cadet Girls Consolation
Anna Hartley (Halton) bt Rachel Lane (Halton) 4, 8, 6

Junior Boys
David Gofton (Cleveland) bt Toby Ellis (Garstang/ Halton) 11, 8, -3, -9, 5

Junior Boys Consolation
Liam Murphy (Halton) bt Ciaran Lynch (Cheshire) 8, 3, -8, 9

Junior Girls
Megan Jones (Shropshire) bt Anya Milne (Durham) 11, -10, 7, 5

U21 Boys
David Gofton (Cleveland) bt Ben Fillingham (Yorkshire) 9,  9, 12

U13 Girls: Milly Hanrahan, Karen Tonge MBE, Beth Ellis
Cadet Girls presentation: Niamh Scarborough, Tom Purcell, Megan Jones

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