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Rory Scott

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Please note - this news article was published more than one year ago. Some of the information contained may no longer be correct.

There were four STAG Horsham Spinners tournaments in February and March 2020 and this is a round-up of all of the results, draw sheets and photos of the medallists.

All May tournaments are cancelled at present, due to the coronavirus pandemic, so the next one which may take place is 20th June – please monitor the Table Tennis England website for the latest updates.

2nd February: Junior

There were 31 entrants in this tournament. The top three in the U16s were 1) Ollie Maric-Murray (Sy), 2) Mahmood Kelani (K), 3) Joe Hunter (Mi). Maric-Murray defeated Kelani 11-9 in the fifth.

The medallists in the U17s were 1) Hunter, 2) Nahom Goitom (Sy), 3) Howard Onweng (Sy).

In the U18s, the best three were 1) David McKenzie (Sy), 2) Goitom, 3) Josh Amanor (Sy).

In the U19s the three medallists were 1) McKenzie, 2) Amanor, 3) Thevian Loganathan (Sy).

Photos and draw sheets

Under-16 medallists
Under-17 medallists
The Under-18 medallists
The Under-19 medallists

16th February: Senior/Veteran

​20 players participated in this event. Chris Marlow (He) defeated No 1 seed Rory Scott (IRL) 3-2 in the veterans final. The losing semi-finalists were Ed Harvey (Sx) (lost to Marlow 2-3) & Ken Lewis (E) (lost to Scott 1-3).

There was an upset in the Seniors final, where top seed, Jacob Evans (Sx) was defeated in 4 by Abdur-Rahman Kelani (K). Daniel Bronziet (E) beat Jozef Krakovsky for third place.

Second seed Evans defeated top seed Scott 3-0 in the Open final. Fallon Thompson (Ha) defeated Kelani for third place.

The Veteran medallists
The medallists in the Seniors
The Open medallists

1st March: Cadet/Junior

There was a big entry of 55 players on 1st March. Felix West (Do) won the U12s, beating Daniyal Palmer (Sy) in the final. Harry Randall (Bk) got third place.

The medallists in the U13s were as follows: Gold: Larry Trumpauskas (K), Silver: West, Bronze: Palmer.

There was a real battle in the final of the U14s between Trumpauskas & Krish Chotai (Sy). Chotai eventually won 6-11, 15-13, 11-13, 12-10, 15-13. Christopher Ho won bronze.

The medallists in the U15s were: Gold: Tom Chesworth (Li), Silver: George Noel (Sy): Bronze: Chotai.

The following medals were awarded in the U17s: Gold: Jaden Aulakh (E), Silver: Jamar McGlashan (Sx), Bronze: Toby Crawcour (Mi).

Aulakh also won the gold in the U18s, defeating Joe Cox (Li) in three close games in the final. McGlashan won the bronze coming back from 0-2 down in the 3rd/4th play-off vs Adam Palmer (Sy).

Photos and draw sheets

The Under-12 medallists
The Under-13 medallists
The Under-14 medallists
The Under-17 medallists
The Under-18 medallists

8th March: Senior/Veteran

Only 13 players took part in this tournament, which necessitated a move to a smaller venue (Slinfold School). The seniors only had four players. Dan Pound (Sx) had a very good win over his team-mate, Mark Collins (Sx) in the decisive match.

In the Veterans, second seed Marlow had an unexpected loss in the group to Simon Kempton (Sy), which meant he faced top seed, Scott in the semis. Marlow only just overcame Ludovic Montiel (Bk) 11-9 in the fifth before defeating Scott 3-2. However, in the final he reversed his loss to Kempton in straight games. Kempton had scraped a win in the semis 11-9 in the fifth over Cameron Brealey (Ha).

In the Open, Scott and Bronziet both won their semi-finals 3-2 vs Tom Kinga (Sx) & Brealey (Ha) respectively. Scott defeated Bronziet in four close games in the final.

Photos and draw sheets

The Veteran medallists
The Open medallists

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