Liverpool Grand Prix day one results

Martin Day

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Men’s Band 1

Men’s Band 1 Winner Ashley Robinson (Left) and Runner-up Niall Cameron (Right)
Men’s Band 1 Results

Women’s Band 1

Women’s Band 1 Winner Rebecca Matthes (left) and Runner-Up Anna Hursey (right).
Women’s Band 1 Results

Men’s Band 2

Men’s Band 2 Winner Dwain Schwarzer (Left) and Runner-up Gabriel Achampong (Right)
Men’s Band 2 Results

Women’s Band 2 

Women’s Band 2 Winner Bethany Farnworth (Right) and Runner-up (Rebecca Matthes (Left)
Women’s Band 2 Results

Men’s Band 3

Men’s band 3 Winner Romain Gaspar (Right) and Runner-up Keir Morton (Left)
Men’s Band 3 Results

Women’s Band 3

Women’s Band 3 Winner Mari Baldwin (Left) and Runner-up Bethany Richards (Right)
Women’s Band 3 Results

Men’s Band 4

Men’s Band 4 Winner Ethan Chapman (Right) and Runner-up Sam Wilson
Men’s Band 4 Results

Women’s Band 4

Women’s Band 4 Winner Mari Baldwin (Right) and Runner-up Lucy Elliott (Left)
Women’s Band 4 Results

Men’s Band 5

Men’s Band 5 Winner Yaroslav Zubets (Left) and Runner-up Sam Wilson (Right)
Men’s Band 5 Results

Men’s Band 6


Men’s Band 6 Winner Kyan Chin (left) and Runner-up Yuri Zhelyabouskiy (right)
Men’s Band 6 Results

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