MAG recruitments: Your chance to shape our sport’s future

Neil Hurford

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If you have lots of experience of table tennis combined with wider expertise, we would like you to help shape the future of our sport by joining the Members’ Advisory Group (MAG).

What is MAG?

The Members’ Advisory Group has been set up to ensure that members of the table tennis community have a voice in the development of our sport. It provides advice to the Board of Table Tennis England on key strategic issues.

Member of MAG come from all parts of the table tennis community – players, coaches, technical officials, event organisers and those who run clubs, leagues, counties and schools table tennis.

The Recruitment Process

We are starting the process of recruiting three new members of MAG. The formal application process will start early in June.

This announcement is intended to give advance notice of the application process. This provides the opportunity for those who are interesting in joining MAG to find out more about its role and its work.

How MAG works

Since its inception last year, MAG has adopted a project-based approach to its work so that it can focus on the key strategic issues that affect our sport. Topics that have been addressed in MAG projects to date include: Ranking, Coaching, Changing the Image of Table Tennis, IT Systems, Volunteering and Clubs. More generally, MAG is exploring how it can develop routes that will ensure it engages effectively with the wider table tennis community.

MAG aims to minimise its administrative overhead by increasingly holding its meetings online. Most of the project work is done between meetings with members of the project teams interacting via email and online.

To be a member of MAG, you need to have a good knowledge of table tennis. The ability to think creatively and strategically in a forward-looking way about the future of table tennis is essential. Given the project-based nature of MAG’s work, it is essential that members of MAG are able to work constructively as part of a team.

It is our intention that members of MAG will truly reflect the diverse nature of table tennis, therefore applications will be encouraged from everyone, regardless of race, gender, disability, religious belief, sexual orientation or age.

The MAG Terms of Reference (ToR) are attached. These set out the broad parameters in which MAG operates. Inevitably, for any new organisation, the ToRs evolve over time and are not intended to unduly limit or be prescriptive about the operation of MAG.

How to find out more

Click here for additional information about MAG

If you are interested in applying to be a member of MAG but would like to find out more in advance of the formal application process, please email [email protected] and you will then be contacted by the Chairman of MAG (Neil Hurford) who will be able to provide more information.


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