National leagues to be finalised

Paul Stimpson

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All outstanding fixtures in national leagues are to be cancelled and league tables finalised using a system of protocols released today by Table Tennis England.

The Senior British League, plus some divisions of the County Championships, National Junior League (NJL) and National Cadet League (NCL) are affected by the decision.

All of the competitions had fixtures scheduled during the March to May window in which other events had already been cancelled, but it had been hoped to be able to reschedule them.

However, it is now accepted that this will not be possible before the 2020/21 season due to the ongoing coronavirus lockdown.

It is also felt that making the decision now provides clarity which will be welcomed by clubs, players, officials and host venues.

The incomplete leagues are:

  • Senior British League, Premier Division rounds due to be played on March 28, April 18, May 2, May 16 and May 23
  • Senior British League weekend of April 4-5, involving 12 divisions
  • County Championships, Cadet League Division 1A
  • County Championship, Junior League Division 2C
  • National Junior League rounds on March 28 and May 2 at Brighton
  • National Cadet League rounds on March 15 at Greenhouse, Waterside and Ormesby and March 29 at Westfield

* Local leagues are also in the process of being finalised by their administrators – click here to find out more about this process.

A set of principles for determining the outcomes of incomplete leagues has been agreed by the Table Tennis England Board as follows:

Principle one

Where promotion or relegation positions within a league cannot be affected by outstanding fixtures, that league will be considered complete, and relegation/promotion will be applied as appropriate. If not, a league will be considered incomplete and no promotion or relegation will occur; this will cascade into tiers above or below as applicable.

Competitions affected:

  • SBL Premier, Championship & Divisions A-C
  • County Championship Cadet 1A and Junior 2C
  • NCL Greenhouse, Waterside, Ormesby & Westfield
  • NJL Brighton

These are all incomplete, and no promotion or relegation will be applied (see principle two for awarding of medals).

Principle two

If a League in which prize money is offered on the basis of finishing position is incomplete, an objective ranking order will be established, in conjunction with the management committee for the relevant event, on a points-per-game ratio.

Competitions affected:

  • SBL Premier Division – final table will be established on a points per game ratio

Additionally, an objective ranking order for County Championships Cadet 1A and Junior 2C; NCL Greenhouse, Waterside, Ormesby & Westfield; and NJL Brighton will be established on a points-per-game ratio in order to enable medals to be awarded, these medals having already been supplied to Table Tennis England.


Teams in incomplete leagues in which two-thirds or more of fixtures have been completed, and those in leagues receiving prize money, will not be eligible for a refund of entry fees. This applies to the Senior British League Premier, Championship & Divisions A-C and NCL.

Teams in incomplete leagues in which less than two-thirds of fixtures have been completed will receive a proportional refund, offset against 2020/21 team entry fees. This applies to the County Championships and NJL teams in the leagues noted above.

Table Tennis England is continuing to plan for a full 2020/21 season. However, we recognise that the situation will evolve and we may have to adapt our plans. We will continue to communicate with clubs, leagues and individual members as the current restrictions are eased and a way forward for sport becomes clearer.

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