Portishead players become video stars

Paul Stimpson

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Members of Portishead TTC have shown their support for frontline workers during the coronavirus pandemic with a brilliant video.

Club members kept an online rally going, with plenty of creative costumes and locations involved, guest appearances by Paralympic star David Wetherill and former England player Craig Bryant . . . and a discussion about favourite players and ice cream flavours!

You can watch the video here:

The club has been active throughout the lockdown period, competing with each other in weekly challenges and posting the videos on social media. Club member Joe Ratajczak also set up a weekly club online quiz that has proved to be hugely successful.

Club Development & Junior Officer Derek Connop said: “We have not let Coronavirus stop us from being busy. With both of these things running we have kept in contact as a club and managed to keep everyone’s spirits up as we wait to resume normal service.”

Click here to visit or subscribe to the club’s YouTube channel.

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