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Paul Stimpson

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Please note - this news article was published more than two years ago. Some of the information contained may no longer be correct.

Publication of the final rankings for the 2018/19 season has again been delayed as we work to iron out discrepancies caused by full automation of previously manual calculations.

We are continuing to investigate a small number of anomalies concerning one particular age group and have therefore deferred publication until Tuesday (September 10) to ensure that we can solve this issue before releasing the rankings.

We apologise for the ongoing inconvenience and recognise the frustration that this is causing. However, once the automated calculations are fully verified, we remain fully confident that future ranking lists will be robust and accurate.

In the light of the ongoing issues, the regular ranking run due on Tuesday September 10 is likely to be postponed for a week. We will continue to advise members of the latest situation.

Why has there been a delay?

As previously reported, we have been looking into discrepancies in a small number of players’ ranking points, which came to light when the latest lists were published earlier this month.

These discrepancies occurred because, in transferring the rankings from the old platform to the new one powered by Sport:80, some previously manual calculations became automated.

When the latest ranking lists were produced, using the automatic calculations in line with the Rankings Guidelines, it became apparent that some previous manual calculations included inconsistencies which did not come to light at the time.

Some players may notice variances in their rankings as the inconsistencies have been removed. All calculations have been carried out in accordance with the Ranking Guidelines (please see page 8 for explanation of how the calculations are made).

If you have any queries which fall outside the Ranking Guidelines, please contact [email protected]

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