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Russell Moore

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Welcome to the 2011 ‘Snaps of the Season’ gallery. A few photographs to tide you over the Christmas period from some of the table tennis events between September and December including the Cadet and Junior Nationals, the Senior Six Nations, the Medway Bribar Grand Prix and of course, the ITTF Pro Tour Grand Finals. Enjoy!

Away With the Fairies: Zhang Jike catches 40 winks just a minute before he is due on court for the mens' singles final at the ITTF Pro Tour Grand Finals

Contemplating Defeat: Kelly Sibley (behind the towel) and Jo Parker show their disappointment after narrowly missing out on a shock Grand Finals win

In Full Flow: Sam Walker shows what it takes to win three titles at the Cadet and Junior National Championships

Husband Material?: Ex-events officer Matt Porter (just married) is full of concentration and... well, something else at the Medway Bribar GP

Out of my Hands: Maria Tsaptsinos' concentration is admirable but surely the game is easier with bat in hand

Like Father, Like Daughter: Maria and Dimitris Tsaptsinos share a discussion at the Medway Bribar GP

Cho!: Sean Cullen and Liam Pitchford in unison celebrate Gavin Evans winning a point at the World Juniors in Bahrain (Courtesy of ITTF)

Psst!: Jo Parker and Liu Na share a secret during the Team GB match at the ITTF Pro Tour Grand Finals

A Picture Tells a Thousand Words: England Mens' Coach Jia Yi Liu looks... less than impressed during the Grand Finals

It's in the Eyes: Hannah Hicks gives coach Alan Cooke 'the look' at the Senior Six Nations in Basildon

Down and Out: Ding Ning is down on her haunches in disbelief at Liu Shiwen's incredile performance en-route to her singles victory at the Grand Finals

Help?: Ding Ning looks to the sky as an inspired Liu Shiwen continues to win astonishing points at ExCeL

In Sync: Andrew Baggaley and Liam Pitchford are in perfect unity as they receive serve at the ITTF Pro Tour Grand Finals

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