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The independent report into the behaviour of Table Tennis England director Tony Catt has been published.

Arbitration service Sport Resolutions was engaged to appoint an independent investigator after complaints were raised by Table Tennis England Chief Executive Sara Sutcliffe about Mr Catt’s behaviour towards senior staff and within the Board itself.

Independent investigator Peter Stockwell was appointed by Sport Resolutions and compiled his report after interviewing a number of Table Tennis England Board Members and staff, and reviewing emails, documents, social media posts and Board proceedings.

The Board has adopted the report and is considering the next steps.

We urge our members to read the report in full and to draw their own conclusions. The report can be downloaded here.

We are publishing this information in the interests of transparency and to provide members with as much information as possible before the EGM on Monday January 25. You can read more about the EGM by clicking here.

Please note, in the downloadable document, a small number of sections which cover particularly sensitive personal information have been redacted.

Mr Stockwell confirms that Mr Catt was satisfied with the independence of his investigation, stating in the report: “In relation to my independence, I should record that Tony Catt pointed out that Sara Sutcliffe was a director of Sport Resolutions between 2001 and 2013 and suggested that this gives rise to the possibility of a conflict of interest and undue influence.

“I considered the possible implications of this but concluded that my independence was not compromised in any way. During the course of an interview with Tony Catt he told me that he no longer considered that there was any risk of undue influence and was satisfied as to my independence.”


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