Tell us about your league centenary plans

Paul Stimpson

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Is your league celebrating a centenary in the coming seasons? If so, we would like to hear about it.

Our sport began to be widely formalised soon after the First World War, and we have already helped the Bristol League celebrate its 100th ‘birthday’ by donating a trophy for a centenary tournament earlier this month.

The Maidstone League is the next to mark the special milestone, with a gala dinner on Friday (October 11), which our Chairman Sandra Deaton is attending.

If your league is approaching the 100-year mark, please let us know so that we can add the date to our records.

We would also be interested to hear from any clubs which are approaching their centenaries.

Please let us know by emailing [email protected] and please include a contact name and phone number.

If any leagues would like help finding out when their centenary falls, or any other information about their history, please contact our Archives, Records and Museum Committee via [email protected]

Table Tennis England would also be interested in receiving copies of any special handbooks or other centenary publications produced by leagues.

As a governing body, we will be celebrating our own centenary in the 1921/22 season and will be announcing our own commemoration plans in due course.

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