Will Bayley's contemporary dance on Strictly Come Dancing (Photo by: BBCPhotographer: Guy Levy

“That was incredibly inspiring”

Paul Stimpson

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Will Bayley danced to 7 Years by Lukas Graham this week on Strictly Come Dancing. It was couple’s choice, a contemporary dance style for Bayley to overcome, which seemed effortless as he produced one of the most emotive performances of the season so far, leaving the judges speechless.

Bayley discussed in his video how his grandmother first bought him a table to practice table tennis on whilst suffering from cancer as a 7-year-old at Great Ormond Street Hospital. It was that moment that filled Bayley with joy and as he described, “It gave me that much more confidence to fall in love with sports again”

“When you know all those hard times you have had, it makes Saturday that much more special.” Bayley expressed as he reflected on his childhood experience and ballroom performances so far on Strictly.

As Bayley took to the floor, the dance brought a tear to the eye of everyone in the audience and at home watching on the television. The routine was full of raw emotion and a clear expression of all the difficulties and challenges that Bayley has had to overcome in his life; presented to the British public through the power of dance.

Guest judge Alphonso Ribeiro was left speechless. “That was incredibly inspiring” he told Bayley as he held back the tears.

Motsi Mabuse could not hold back the tears after the performance. Bayley himself consoled her with a hug as the judge for the first time this season, could not form a sentence as a result of the sheer emotion she felt from watching Bayley perform his story.

Bayley fully encompasses what is possible through a never give in attitude to overcome any obstacle that you face. An emotional performance, that will inspire anyone to achieve what they want, and show what you can be capable of with the right mental attitude.

Bayley went on to survive another week. Next week on Strictly will be the spooktacular special as dancers attempt to bring a fright to our screens in the Halloween special

Bayley brings emotion to the floor

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