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Paul Stimpson

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With applications now open for Year 3 of Be TT, figures show that on average 4,322 weekly participants engaged with the sport through 173 projects in the first two years of the programme.

The aim of Be TT is to deliver better experiences across the sport, alongside improving member retention and experience.

Click here to apply for year 3 funding (closing date Friday May 24)

In the launch year in 2017, a total of 89 projects were funded (comprising 185 smaller projects known as interventions), and reaching an average of 2,466 average weekly participants, 673 of them female.

Year 2, in 2018, saw 84 projects funded (119 interventions)  reaching 1,856 average on a weekly basis, 595 being female.

Be TT has enabled area staff to build strong relationships with the clubs and leagues involved in the projects and to enable them to better understand their membership trends and needs.

This insight informed the primary focus of the Year 2 projects and saw us work with leagues that had either low member retention rates or a low percentage of women and girls playing.

Leagues have been incredibly receptive to the support being offered and in trialling new initiatives in including shorter format leagues.

Shorter Format leagues offer a different approach to running a traditional league and has been successful in engaging new audiences and offering more flexible playing opportunities.

The average age for a two-person league is 19 years younger and have 5% more females compared with a three-player league. A total of 68 shorter format league projects were run in Year 1 and Year 2, engaging 989 individuals, 194 of them female.

Since Year 1, Be TT projects have run 40 successful female programmes and female membership engaging 337 participants, retention is up from 79% to 84%.

The Bat and Chat programme attached to Be TT has proved to be a success with 27  delivering Bat and Chat sessions engaging more than 400 new participants over the age of 50 (139 female).

The Bat and Chat programme also provides existing club players an opportunity to increase the number of times they are able to take part in physical activity per week, offering a fun and social environment.

To read more about many of the projects which we have funded since the programme began, click here and select Be TT Programme from the drop-down categories menu on the left.

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