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Paul Stimpson

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Please note - this news article was published more than one year ago. Some of the information contained may no longer be correct.

TT Leagues has been updated, bringing more functions and flexibility to the 140 leagues now using the platform.

A number of improvements will come on stream, based on feedback from league administrators, which will improve both the administrative functions and the public-facing website which all members can access.

The updates include:

  • Filters for fixtures and results by team, club and venue
  • 12 different options for ordering league tables when teams have the same points (eg by matches won, sets for, games for etc)
  • Group email feature for club websites
  • The ability to view more detail on team and individual performances
  • Greater ability for team members, captains etc to be approved to enter results online

There will also be a number of updates to the app, including a tidier appearance, as well as adding fixture filtering and adding ‘forfeit match’ and ‘forfeit player’ options.

These updates add to the large number already introduced based on feedback from league administrators and members since the platform was launched at the start of the season – see below for a comprehensive list.

Remember, our online help centre provides information and guidance about TT Leagues, as well as our online membership platform, TT Memberships. The help centre can also be used to directly contact our Customer Service team.

Click here to access the help centre

Future developments are already under way to keep TT Leagues evolving, including various options for exporting and archiving all the data at the end of the season and adding summer leagues and cup competitions.

The number of leagues administering at least one competition on TT Leagues has increased steadily since the start of the season.

The total of 140 encompasses more than 22,000 players and includes the biggest six leagues in the country – Central London, Bristol, Southend, Leicester, Sheffield and Liverpool.

Click here for our local leagues directory

Access to TT Leagues is part of the Table Tennis England membership fee and comes at no extra cost. There are about 220 leagues affiliated to Table Tennis England. As well as those using TT Leagues, about 40 leagues continue to use their own ‘home-developed’ systems.

We have also carried out a survey asking the views of local league players as to what they would like from a ranking system.

The survey asked questions about both national and local rankings and how they might integrate into TT Leagues, as well as seeking open comments from respondents.

The responses were as follows:

I would like a ranking system

Yes 80% No 20%

I would like a local league ranking system

Yes 81% No 19%

I would like to see the national rankings in TT Leagues

Yes 62% No 38%

I would like the local league to be blended with national ranking

Yes 59% No 41%

In addition, almost 100 respondents gave us their comments and suggestions.


The results will be fed into future development of the TT Leagues platform – we thank our members for their input and will continue to provide updates.


Previous updates:

  • Player averages – improved appearance and decimal places minimised / options to sort in top 10/20 have been added
  • Menu name – editable menu name now available on public-facing websites
  • Match card formats – changing the name to ‘Order of Play’ and adapting the set up to a more flexible approach so that formats can be dragged and dropped. A how-to-video guide will be available to assist leagues here
  • Venue details – the use of club addresses as venues will automatically pull through
  • Reserves/substitutes/step up – creation
  • Browsers – information on the compatibility of the system with older versions of Safari and iPads will be investigated
  • Permission management – investigating restricted access for varying roles including: Content Manager, Score Card Approvers, Divisional Managers and Lead League Administrators
  • App – an app to enable real time scoring input has been launched, meaning team captains can update results from the hall
  • Postponement management – add outstanding matches onto the admin dashboard
  • Unscheduled matches – add unscheduled matches onto the admin dashboard
  • Members with unpaid affiliation fees – unaffiliated players will be shown on the admin dashboard. Fixtures featuring unpaid players will be generated and shown on the score card, but a score cannot be inputted for an unaffiliated player and it will show as a walkover
  • Player of the Match – this will be calculated by the results, but also comes with the option for peer nomination
  • Emailing capabilities – the ability to add attachments and set up varying groups by selecting members
  • Public facing website – counties – develop website so that Counties can have their own homepage for news and articles to develop links to leagues

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