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Club/League Welfare Officer – Roles and Responsibilities

Role: To implement Table Tennis England policies relating to Child Protection and Equality
Status: Volunteer
Appointed by: Club/League committee
Responsible to: Club/League Committee and Table Tennis England Child Protection Officer
Reports to: Table Tennis England Lead Child Protection Officer
Time commitment: Approx.30 minutes per week on average
Useful skills and experience: Diplomatic, discreet, good listening skills and must have attended Table Tennis England recognised Safeguarding and Equality workshops.


• Agree to, act on, promote and uphold both Table Tennis England’s Child Protection and Equality Policies.
• Ensure that club/league officials follow application and disclosure procedures as set out in Table Tennis England’s Child Protection Policy and Guidelines during the appointment of coaches to work with young people.
• Attend Safeguarding Workshops as appropriate to ensure an understanding and knowledge of the most up to date information with relation to child protection issues.
• Encourage all club/league personnel and coaches working with young people and vulnerable adults have attended child protection workshops.
• Ensure that all Child Protection updates and new initiatives from Table Tennis England are communicated to the club/league and its members.
• Check that Child Protection is included on all club/league committee meeting agendas.
• Demonstrate high standards of personal behaviour at all times promoting a positive role model for all young people who attend the club/league.
• Support and advise the club/league committee to ensure that all young people are provided with a safe environment, which maximises benefits and minimises risks to them.
• Promote relationships with all club/league members and others that are based on openness, honesty, trust and respect and ensure that confidentiality is maintained at all times.
• Check that the Club/League Welfare Officer’s contact details are readily available to all club/league members.
• Maintain contact details for local Children’s Services and Police.
• Be the first point of contact with Table Tennis England’s National Child Protection Officer,
• Be the first point of contact for volunteers, parents and children/young people where concerns about children’s welfare, poor practice or child abuse are identified.

The Club/League Welfare Officer is NOT expected to make judgements on whether child abuse has or has not taken place but to ensure that either the appropriate authorities or the Table Tennis England’s Child Protection Officer are informed of any suspicions as soon as possible. The Club/League Welfare Officer will be expected to advise the Table Tennis England’s Child Protection Officer of any such reports and any local action taken.

The Table Tennis England’s Child Protection Officer can be contacted on 01908 208864 or 07977 243327

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