Young England strike double gold

Paul Stimpson

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England dropped only three matches as they dominated the British Primary Schools’ International Championships in Largs, Scotland, over the weekend.

The nine-strong team took on Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Guernsey and Isle of Man in both boys’ and girls’ events in Largs.

The boys’ line-up of Oliver Maric-Murray (London South), Jakub Piwowar (Devon), Gene McGhee (Cleveland), Joseph Dennison (Lancashire) and Cameron Driver (Nottinghamshire) beat Scotland and Ireland 9-1 and registered 10-0 victories over the other nations to top the table,

The girls’ squad was Maliha Baig (Essex), Sophie Barcsai (Dorset), Bethany Ellis (Lancashire) and Connie Dumelow (Derbyshire) and they beat Ireland 9-1 and Scotland, Wales and Guernsey 10-0. Isle of Man were not part of the girls’ competition.

Ireland finished second in both competitions, with Scotland third in the boys and Scotland and Wales joint third in the girls.

There were also individual competitions held and Maric-Murray won boys’ silver, with bronze medals for Piwowar and Dennison, while Barcsai won bronze in the girls.

Dave Pilkington and Teresa Bennett were the England Non-Playing Captains.

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