Fees for Individual Membership 2014/15

Russell Moore

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Player Licence Fees 2014/2015

Senior: £32 (includes £10 membership fee)

Junior/Cadet: £16 (includes £5 membership fee)

*Single Competition Licence Fee

Senior: £10

Junior/Cadet: £5

*Required to play in 2* Tournaments and above if only a Player Membership is held.

– Rob Sinclair, General Secretary

Player Members

Under Rule 12.5, Directly Affiliated Members eligible to play competitive Table Tennis, e.g. as a Local League player.

The below fees have been approved:

• Seniors: £10.00
• Cadets/Juniors: £5.00

Associate Members

Under Rule 12.6, Directly Affiliated Members not eligible to play competitive Table Tennis.

The below fees have been approved:

• Associate Members (Compulsory): £4.00
Members of Directly Affiliated Clubs and Affiliated Organisations
• Associate Members (Voluntary): £4.00
Recreational players, Officials and Supporters

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