Friday Photos No 30: Can you put names to faces?

Diane Webb

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Some interesting responses from over much of the Home Countries territory, thank you for all the replies. The jury is out on whether the shell suits were the worst England kit or not!

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This week there is a miscellany of five pictures. Can you help with identification?

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Photo 1

Whose bat is Phil Gower checking?

Photo 2

Jane Adams (Vice-President due to her role with Woolwich sponsorship). Who are the players, the event, venue and year?

Photo 3

Pat Archdale (right) and Les Smith (centre) having an intensive course in learning Swedish in preparation for the World Championships in Stockholm, 1967. Who is the third umpire?

Photo 4

Barry Granger (centre) with Michel Gadal (England Performance Director – left) but who is the third person and what occasion and when?

Photo 5

Who is this?

Responses to Friday’s Photos for 17th April 2015

English Junior Open, Bridlington, 25-27th May 1991.

Photo 1

England III:  Gareth Jones (Y) – left, Richard Hyacinth (Mi)- right.

Photo 2

England II: Maria Thornley  (La)- left, Ellen Meddings (Y) – right.

Photo 3

England II: Garry Knights – left, Darren Howarth – right.

Photo 4

England I: A very happy Sally Marling, Nicola Deaton was the other player in this team.

Photo 5

Ireland – L-R NPC Con Higgins, Emma Turner, Audrey Cooke, unknown, Pat Keane

Photo 6

Scotland: left to right: Claire Middlemass, Kevin McKellar, Emma Sloan, Fraser Lewis.

Photo 7

Wales: left to right: Alan Griffiths, Natasha Williams, Stacey Thomas, Gerald Watkins.

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Diane Webb
April 17, 2015

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