Players taking part in the Under 12 National Cup, Blackpool

Under 12 National Cup, Blackpool – 13/14 April 19

Martin Ireland

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The TT England Under 12 National Cup is taking place this weekend at Blackpool Table Tennis Club, based at Blackpool Sports Centre, showcasing some of the best Under 12 talent in the country. The competition pits 20 players (10 boys and 10 girls) against each other in their respective events in a round robin format.

The event is open to spectators free of charge, call in to see some exceptional play!

The start time is 11:00am on Saturday and 9:30am on Sunday. Click here for a full match schedule.


1. Oliver Maric-Murray (Sy)

2. Joseph Cooper (Dy)

3. Lennon Maughan (Y)

4. Joseph Dennison (La)

5. Frandesco Bonato (Sy)

6. Cameron Driver (Ng)

7. Ralph Pattison (E)

8. Louis Cheung Turner (La)

9. Abraham Earl Sellado (Y)

10. Eduard Lakatos (Bk)


1. Maliha Baig (E)

2. Bethany Ellis (La)

3. Connie Dumelow (Dy)

4. Sienna Jetha (Hr)

5. Rachael Iles (Bk)

6. Emily Cheung (Sy)

7. Jessica Morris (Ch)

8. Sophie Ackred (Cu)

9. Mia Longman (Y)

10. Chui-Que Wong

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