Officials Travel Information

Information on travel planning, insurance and finance, for officials.

Financial Assistance

Umpires and referees who are selected to officiate abroad are able to apply for financial assistance towards their travelling expenses when cost is a factor that might otherwise have prevented them from attending. The application form ‘Tom Blunn Fund application for financial assistance’ should be completed and submitted to the Chairman of the Technical Officials’ Committee (see attached document).



Umpires and referees selected to officiate at a table tennis tournament abroad are able to receive free insurance cover through a policy held by Table Tennis England with Chubb Insurance Company. To qualify for this free cover an umpire or referee must be making the visit abroad to officiate at a foreign table tennis event and have been formally nominated or selected by Table Tennis England or had a direct invitation acknowledged by Table Tennis England and had their appointment confirmed. (See attached document)

The free insurance cover through Chubb is NOT automatically applied to your travel. You must contact Table Tennis England and that you wish to be covered by the Chubb insurance for your trip by completing and sending to him the document ‘Umpires’ Travel Insurance Declaration’.

The document ‘Chubb Assistance Ecard’ is a summary of the Chubb insurance cover. It is recommended that you print this and take a copy with you on your trip. (See attached)

It is also advisable that when travelling within a member country of the European Economic Area and/or Switzerland that an EHIC card is carried. For further details about the EHIC you can visit the official website



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