Find information on the process for election of three Elected Deputy Chairmen.


This year (2019) elections will be held for three directors for the four-year period from the 2019 AGM to the 2023 AGM. These directors will be titled Elected Deputy Chairmen.

The Board has approved a calendar for the election (attached below). A Role Description for the position of Elected Deputy Chairman will be added to this page shortly.

There have been changes in the Company Articles, and the election regulations since the last election. As a result, some of the procedures have altered.

  • There are three vacancies, and company members may nominate up to three candidates.
  • To be effectively nominated a person must be nominated by at least two company members and the candidate must consent to nomination.
  • If there are more than three effective nominations, there will be a postal ballot and Company Members will be able to vote for up to three candidates.

Click here to view information on our voting system for Company Members

Also attached below are some FAQs about the election process. If you have any queries, please contact the Returning Officer, Caroline Williams, on election@tabletennisengland.co.uk

Alongside the election of the Elected Deputy Chairmen is the appointment of the Table Tennis England Chairman. Applications are now open and the closing date is March 31. Click here for more information.


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