Governance Review

Table Tennis England has committed to produce a wide-ranging and thorough Review into the governance and structures of Table Tennis England.

February 2019 Update:

The Members’ Advisory Group (MAG), one of the key recommendations of the Independent Review Panel, has now been set up, with 12 members appointed.

The main role of MAG is to provide strategic advice to the Board, as well as providing a channel by which the table tennis community can raise strategic issues to be considered by the Board.

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What is the Governance Review?

Table Tennis England has committed to produce a wide-ranging and thorough Review into its governance and structures, with an aim to achieve a modernised, professional, transparent organisation that balances the need for democracy and a volunteer workforce at its heart.

A Governance Review Group (GRG) and an Independent Review Panel (IRP) will report periodically to the Board, which in turn will provide updates to National Council and the wider membership.

Central to the Review will be the opportunity for any individual member, club or league to be part of the consultation process so that all views can be taken into account.

Governance Review Group (GRG)

The Governance Review Group is the Board sub-group which will oversee the process, procedure and timetable of the review.

The GRG is chaired by Senior Independent Director Mark Quartermaine and also includes Table Tennis England Chairman Sandra Deaton and Chief Executive Sara Sutcliffe, plus the Chair of National Council Tony Catt and the Chair of Rules Committee’s delegate Estyn Williams.

Independent Review Panel (IRP)

The Independent Review Panel (IRP) will lead the Review.

IRP members’ skills include governance, legal, membership bodies, communications, different NGB structures and table tennis.

The first stage of selection process for the IRP was to recruit an Independent Review Panel Chair, Marc Mazzucco. Following an open recruitment process, the rest of the panel, which includes three individuals from within the sport, was named.

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Interim Report

The first stage of the Review was an open consultation process. Following that, the Interim Report has now been published and can be read below.

Final Report

The final report from Phase One of the review has been published, along with the Board’s response.


Total Attachments: 12

Members Advisory Group Committee Terms of Reference

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Members Advisory Group Terms of Reference

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Members Advisory Group role description and application process

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Voting and Company Membership Review Committee Terms of Reference

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Phase One Final Report July 2018

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Board Response to IRP report (updated July 2018)

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The Review - Timelines for governance consultation

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The Review - Proposed Scope of the Review (updated October 2, 2017)

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GRG - Terms of Reference

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GRG - Meeting minutes (September 8, 2017)

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IRP - Timeline for tender

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