Voting Information

Find information on the voting process for company members.

There are two types of votes in which Counties and Leagues can contribute towards.

AGM Voting

The AGM voting happens in July every year. County Representatives (National Council) and League Representatives will vote on matters such as the annual Player Membership fees for the upcoming season, elect the President and Vice-President (if appropriate), elect Honorary Life Members, consider and determine any alterations to the Rules and appoint Auditors for the upcoming year.

Each League Representative and County Representative is given 1 vote for each Player Member within their constituency. At least a 75% vote in favour of a motion is needed for it to pass.

Election of Directors

The positions of Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Treasurer of Table Tennis England are elected by a postal vote of Company Members. By default this will happen once every 4 years.

The voting is weighted proportionally, with each Company Member receiving 1 vote, each County Representative receiving 1 vote and each League Representative receiving a set amount of votes depending on the number of teams in their league (as detailed below). The positions which receive a majority vote will be elected into post.

Number of teams in League Number of votes the League Representative receives
< 30 2 votes
31 – 100 4 votes
101+ 6 votes

For more information please see the rules and regulations section of the website.


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