Members’ Advisory Group FAQs

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Members' Advisory Group.

Why Was MAG Created?

The formation of a Members’ Advisory Group (MAG) was the main recommendation of the Independent Review Panel of Governance within Table Tennis England to improve Governance. The final report of the IRP is available here:

IRP Final Report

What is the role of MAG?

MAG is part of the Governance structures of Table Tennis England. In particular, MAG is a source of strategic and operational advice to the Board on a broad range of issues relating to table tennis. Central to the role of MAG is improving two-way engagement between the Board and the wider table tennis community. The Board remains the final decision-making body within Table Tennis England.

The advice that MAG provides to the Board is based in part on the knowledge and expertise of the individual Members. However, this advice also draws on input from the wider table tennis community or reflects the views of the table tennis community.  The Board would need to provide their reasons and/or an explanation if they decide to reject MAG advice.

The Terms of Reference for MAG can be found here:

MAG Terms of Reference

Is MAG independent of the Board?

Yes, although members of MAG work with the Board as ambassadors in promoting table tennis, it is independent of the Board.

Members of MAG are all members of Table Tennis England. They were appointed through an open, transparent application process

How were MAG appointed?

Members of MAG come from all parts of the table tennis community – including players, clubs, leagues & counties, coaches, umpires, schools.

The MAG Appointment Process and the MAG Job Descriptions can be found by following the links here.

MAG Appointment Process

MAG Role Description

A total of 12 MAG appointments were made following interviews with 26 short-listed candidates held over four days in early February 2019. There are currently 16 members of MAG and full details of the backgrounds of current members are here:

Biographical Details of MAG Members

Members of MAG recognise the importance that is attached to the independence of MAG. Accordingly, members of MAG have fully affirmed that their approach to all issues will always be on the basis of what is in the long-term interest of table tennis.

Why does this matter and how do I get involved?

Improving the advice available to the Board and ensuring effective two-way engagement between the Board and the wider table tennis community will create a more effective, robust organisation that will be better placed to face the challenges of developing table tennis into the future.

MAG will be developing processes to enable it to engage effectively with all the different sectors of the table tennis community – players, clubs, leagues, counties, competitions organisers, coaches, umpires, schools etc.