National Council papers

Documents concerning upcoming and previous National Council meetings.

On this page, you can find dates for upcoming National Council meetings, as well as download documents relating to upcoming and previous meetings.

Upcoming meetings

The next meeting of National Council is scheduled for Saturday 27 June 2020. Whether this goes ahead will depend on the Coronavirus crisis.

The last meeting of National Council scheduled for Saturday 14 March 2020 was cancelled due to the Coronavirus crisis after the papers had been published. The Company Chairman and CEO provided written answers to questions. National Councillors also took part in a Zoom conference call on two key topics which had been on the agenda – membership strategy and fees and the ranking scheme consultation. The papers, the written answers and the documents presented at the Zoom conference call have been sent to councillors.


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Last meeting (14/03/20)

Previous meeting (14/12/19)

Previous meetings

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