Performance Clubs

Performance Clubs work with National Performance Staff through a Centre for Excellence partner to broaden the reach and impact of the talent pathway.


Table Tennis England is creating a new Table Tennis England Performance Programme in order to broaden the reach and impact of the talent pathway and coaches working with athletes with talent aspirations.

This programme will provide opportunities for Performance Clubs to engage with the National Performance Staff through a Centre for Excellence partner to ensure that players progressing through the pathway have the necessary PAC skill:

In order that they can find out what they are capable of.

Aims & objectives

The England Performance Pathway’s objectives are:

  • To help English players find out what they are capable of and;
  • To support those athletes with the capablity to at least reach the top 20 in Europe by the time they are 18 (in order that they are sought by other clubs, nations and programmes).

And the Performance Clubs are specifically charged with providing access and opportunity for players to access high-quality coaching that will enable them to progress up the performance pathway as far as they are capable of.


This programme will primarily support the development of the coaching team in the Performance club in order that they can better prepare the players in line with the philsophies and trademarks of the Table Tennis England Performance Pathway.

Support for Performance Clubs will primarily be delivered through the Centre for Excellence network and Performance Clubs must nominate their preferred Centre for Excellence partners.


  • Better at table tennis: There will be more players performing at a higher level as a result of this programme
  • Better at learning: The players will be better equipped to learn and are therefore better prepared for the next stages of their individual talent journey
  • Better at competing: The players will be better equipped to deal with the various environments they will encounter in the next stages of their journey and be more self reliant and self sufficient as a results of their time in the Centre for Excellence.

The clubs

For more information use the table below to see if there is a Table Tennis England Performance Club near you.

Performance Club
Location Phone Email
Corby Smash Corby 01536 206375 [email protected]
Wensum Norwich [email protected]
Bishop Auckland Bishop Auckland 07411 018856 [email protected]
NW Regional Training Centre Garstang 07914 905897 [email protected]

Applying to be a Performance Club

A rolling application process exists for Performance Clubs and each club will need to apply initially and reconfirm on an annual basis that they wish to continue. There is no upper limit (at present) to the number of Performance Clubs that Table Tennis England will recognise.

Each club wishing to be considered should apply in writing to [email protected] outlining how they meet the requirements of the programme and provide details of their Centre for Excellence partnerships, venue and coach provision and any other relevant details. More information can be seen in the attachment below.

The Table Tennis England Talent Pathway Manager and National Coach will assess each application, seek clarification or further information if required. Clubs who are deemed to meet the requirements will then be required to complete a Table Tennis England Performance Club Agreement.


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Performance Club Application Process

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