Performance Pathway

The Performance Pathway supports athletes with elite capability to compete on the international stage.

Aims & objectives

The England Performance Pathway’s objectives are:

  • To help English players find out what they are capable of and;
  • To support those athletes with the capability to at least reach the top 20 in Europe by the time they are 18 (in order that they are sought by other clubs, nations and programmes).


Table Tennis England will support players and coaches across the pathway in:

Other squads and programmes also have a big role to play in supporting the individual athlete journey through their pathway including:

  • Clubs;
  • Schools;
  • Regional Squads; and
  • International clubs

The support available in each part of the pathway will vary according to the needs of the players and the resources available, but support will be deployed inline with the objective of helping English players find out what they are capable of.

The support will focus on developing the following trademarks as they are relevant to each part of the pathway through a PAC framework (Player, Athlete, Competition):


  • English players are known for having excellent ability to:
    • Attack & defend;
    • Serve & receive;
    • Off both wings.
  • English teams & players are known for being the best conditioned players in the hall.
  • English teams & players are known for being resilient and staying in the moment to find a way in any situation and against any opponent.

The athlete lifecycle attached below sets out the expected training and competition at each stage of the pathway up to senior level.

For more information please email: [email protected]

Diploma in Sporting Excellence

The Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DiSE) programme is a government-funded apprenticeship scheme designed to directly measure the athletes’ ability to plan, apply and evaluate their development.

The programme covers a range of modules including:

  • Strength and conditioning
  • Psychology
  • Nutrition
  • Media and communication skills
  • Career development
  • Lifestyle management

Who delivers DiSE?
In partnership with Table Tennis England, the two-year DiSE programme is managed by SGS College, Bristol and delivered through Carlton le Willows Academy, Nottingham, Grantham College and the England Junior Squad Programme.

DiSE (formerly known as AASE) is part of the European Social Fund.

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