England Junior Squad

The England Junior Squad is a group of young players with the potential to play table tennis at elite level on the international stage.

The England Junior squad follows on from our England Aspire squad and is our highest training group within the youth section of our performance pathway.

The squad is made up of some of the leading Cadet and Junior players from across the country, with players beginning to compete regularly on the international circuit. The squad is made of two groups:


This is made up of a combination of domestically and internationally based players that have been selected from within the Cadet & Junior age groups. Players in this group will be operating within the following performance level:

Year of Birth European Ranking
Born 2002 or later Junior Top 60 or above
Born 2003 or later Junior Top 80 or above
Born 2004 or later Junior Top 100 or above
Born 2005 or later Cadet Top 60 or above
Born 2006 or later Cadet Top 80 or above
Born 2007 or later Cadet Top 100 or above

Players within this performance category will agree a periodised training and competition plan, directed by the Head Coach of this squad. The Performance group will access all core and additional training opportunities and additional individual support throughout the season to aid their development and ensure they remain on track for the outcomes set for the year.

Training Group

Made up of domestically based players that have demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Performance Team the minimum performance standards for the group.  These players are invited to attend all core training camps and if deemed appropriate by the Performance Team, may be offered opportunities to attend additional training camps to aid their development.

* For the 2020/21 season, due to the lack of international competition and uncertainty of when it will resume, no formal England Junior Squad has been selected, however a wider Junior Training Group has been identified, with players selected to attend training camps determined on a camp-by-camp basis, and based on the commitment the players show during and in between training camps. This will continue until such time as international competition has resumed for six months and a new England Junior Squad will then be selected in line with a new selection policy.

Players 2020/21

Training camp photos by Chris Rayner

Mari Baldwin

Joola Plymouth TTC

Coach: Craig Bryant

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Rhys Davies

Formby TTC

Coach: Dave Graham

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Toby Ellis

Draycott & Long Eaton TTC

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Connor Green

Draycott & Long Eaton TTC

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Erin Green

Draycott & Long Eaton TTC

Coach: Phil Vickers

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Anaya Patel

Kingfisher TTC

Coach: Ajay Naik

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Ben Piggott

Ormesby Table Tennis Club

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Thomas Rayner

Ormesby Table Tennis Club

Coach: Denis Neale

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Millie Rogove

Urban TTC

Coach: Eva Toth

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Peter Smallcombe

Imagine TTC

Coach: Dave Godbold

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Max Stevens

Grantham College

Coach: Vidal Graham

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Felix Thomis

Ackworth School Table Tennis Academy

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Jasmin Wong

Ackworth School Table Tennis Academy

Coach: Hong Hong Peebles

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