Associate Membership

Who is it for?

An Associate Membership is for club players, social players, officials and fans who wish to experience the benefits of Table Tennis England membership, but do not want to take part in organised competition. It is part of the minimum requirements for people who wish to coach, umpire, referee, administrate or organise table tennis tournaments that they hold at least an Associate Membership. It is also ideal for parents and those who help around their club.

In addition, it is a mandatory requirement for all PremierClub members to register as an Associate Member. This is because the insurance policy of the PremierClub is only valid for direct members of Table Tennis England and failure to do so could leave the club liable for damages and legal costs.


What are the benefits of becoming an Associate Member?


How long does the membership last?

An Associate Membership will last until the end of each playing season, which usually runs until the 31st of July each year.




Please note that whilst Associate Membership is free of charge, you must still complete registration to be covered by the Public Liability Insurance.


How do I purchase or Renew an Associate Membership?

Register for free today or Renew your membership

or click here if you wish to view alternative payment options, or download a spreadsheet to register your Club or PremierClub Associate Members in bulk.