Player Membership

Who is it for?

A Player Membership is required for those who play regularly in local leagues or wish to compete in a 1* national competition. By purchasing a Player Membership and defeating a ranked player in any registered tournament you will automatically be included in the monthly player Rating List.


What national tournaments can I enter with a Player Membership?

Please note that entry to these tournaments may vary each season. If you wish to enter a tournament that is not on this list, it is likely you will need to purchase a Player Licence.

  • 1 Star Open Tournaments
  • County Championships
  • English Leagues Cup Competition
  • National Junior League
  • National Cadet League
  • Regional Tournaments
  • Friendly International Matches
  • A valid Table Tennis England Player Membership is also required for over 40s singles events in VETTS Regional and National Masters competitions


What are the benefits of becoming a Player Member?

By becoming a Player Member you will benefit from all of the members’ discounts, offers and promotions as well as:


How long does the membership last?

A Player Membership will last until the end of each playing season, which usually runs until the 31st of July each year.



Seniors: £12.00
(Aged 18+)

Cadets / Juniors: £6.00
(Aged under 18)


How do I purchase or Renew a Player Membership?

The easiest way to purchase your membership is by direct debit and everyone who signs up to a direct debit plan for the 2016/17 season will be entered into a prize draw to win a signed piece of merchandise! For terms and conditions click here.

Register or renew online

Or click here if you wish to view alternative payment options.